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19 December 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Discogs Loves Threadless

Discogs is database just for music-related data, so it makes sense that their Loves Threadless contest has the theme of Music: Past, Present, Future. They’ve also pumped up the Threadless prize package of $2000 cash and a $500 gift certificate to include a 16GB iPod Touch, Shure SE 210 sound isolating earphones and a pair of Alesis M1 Active mk2 Biamp Monitors.

The deadline for this competition is January 20th, 2008.

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13 December 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Threadless Loves Revolution

Usually when Threadless has a specifically themed contest, it’s being sponsored by a company, a film or a band. This time, though, the contest is purely sponsored by Threadless and the Threadless community. To that effect, the judging will be done by one blogger, one designer, and one Threadless staff member.

The prizes are also a little different than the typical competition- Threadless has supersized the prize, offering $3500 cash and a $500 gift certificate. And the community has stepped up in a big way, contributing original artwork, shirts and more (the growing list can be found here).

So what do you have to do to win all this? First, bear in mind that the theme is Revolution– Threadless is looking for stuff that breaks boundaries and tries new things (and remember that they’ve recently added a collection of new printing techniques…). There’s also a pretty lengthy list of what they don’t want to see: food with faces, 80’s pop culture jokes, iPod silhouettes, pirates and/or/vs. ninjas, anything vs. anything, emo crooners, cute for cute’s sake, and trees for tree’s sake… and specifically that ONE tree.

And… they’ve got a point, you have to admit. I’m excited to see what people come up with for this one. The deadline for submitting is January 31st, 2008- so if you want to start a revolution, you’d best begin planning quickly.

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11 December 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Good Loves Threadless

Good Magazine Loves Threadless! They also love Big Ideas, which is the theme for the eighth issue of their magazine and also the theme for this contest. The winner will be racking up an impressive array of prizes in addition to the standard $2000 cash and $500 Threadless gift certificate, including a Paul Frank Cruiser bicycle, a Meraki Mini wireless router, aromatherapy products from 4Mula, luxury organic goods from Under The Canopy, Baggu reusable shopping bags and a GOOD Magazine t-shirt (what, no magazine subscription?).

Enter before January 15th, 2007 for your chance to win.

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01 December 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Matthew Dear Loves Threadless: Top Three

Here are what I consider to be the top three entries in Threadless‘s Matthew Dear Loves Threadless contest:

Topiary - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Topiary by valorandvellum is ridiculous- there’s texture everywhere, which gives these leafy creations a kind of motion and personality. This sets up a nice contrast with the plain white birds. I think this is almost definitely going to be printed.

Good boy! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Good Boy! by kookylove is a resubmition, which I’m usually not a fan of. But the simplification of this design to one color really reinvigorated the composition, which gives the impression that this illustration is some kind of whacked-out police artist drawing. I love the useless handcuffs, failing to contain the creature’s other six arms (which are of course stealing items from the cop).

The Elysian Waltz - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

The Elysian Waltz by lunchboxbrain is another favorite of mine, due in large part to the unique style. It has a very surreal look, with oversize skulls perched on antique bodies. The delicate patterning in the background does a really nice job of tying everything together.

Overall, a decent contest. It didn’t have as many favorite pieces for me as most competitions result in, but the ones that I really liked are among my favorites ever, not just in terms of the other contest entries.

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24 November 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Ferraby Lionheart Loves Threadless: Top Three

The Ferraby Lionheart Loves Threadless contest has passed the submission deadline for awhile now, so I’m going to spotlight my top three favorite entries.

The Yellow Breeches Waltz - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

The Yellow Breeches Waltz by Freddi27 has a great color palette and an even better concept. I think most people enjoy looking at the reflections of light and color in the water, and it is a deeply cool idea to show the waltzing couple, an image from another time, reflected back. The ripples left by the leaves add more motion and contribute to the sense that if you look away for a moment the image will change again and the waltzers will be lost to time.

Human Nature - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Human Nature by heat. has quite a message- it depicts a man made of buildings strong-arming his way through the natural world. The landscape elements that he has interacted with are brown and dead-looking, and the earth that is cupped in his hand drips an ominous green. Apart from the message that the design imparts, the shape and colors of the art are strikingly attractive.

Small Planet - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Small Planet by WanderingBert is all about unity, or lack thereof. Two spacemen, representing the extreme environments of the earth, float next to each other with the earth blocking their hands. On the earth, the image of two hands as continents, just out of each other’s grasp. It gives me the sense that if the opposites of the earth (as represented by the spacemen) were able to unite their efforts they’d have not only the planet, but also the universe in the palm of their hands.

Overall, I felt like this was a very successful competition for Threadless. I scored a lot of submissions highly, and there was a good amount of variation in the way people approached the topic.

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20 November 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Secret Handshake, Cranium: They Love Threadless

Two new Loves Threadless competitions were posted during the $10 sale madness yesterday, here’s a closer look at each:

The Secret Handshake are a band with a new song called Midnight Movie, which is the theme for this contest. There’s a whole pack of prizes on this one, including a Pure Digital Flip Video Ultra Series camcorder, a Sonic Impact Video55 iPod video player, a signed CD and poster, and (most excellently) a years supply of Orville Redenbacher popcorn and Nestle candy. All that is, of course, in addition to the traditional Threadless prize of $2000 cash and a $500 gift certificate. Entries should be submitted by December 19th, 2007 to qualify for the prize.

Cranium is releasing a new edition of their board game, titled Cranium Wow, and to celebrate they’re sponsoring a Threadless competition. The theme is “Wow! (as in wow the judges),” which is hilariously specific (and probably a move to avoid the piles of submissions using the word wow as literal text on the shirt, though I’m sure that will happen anyway). And of course, there are some pretty neat prizes at stake: a signed Cranium WOW game, a signed, limited run 6″ vinyl WOW mover sculpture (valued at $1,000- and I’d love to know how they came up with that number, seriously), a full set of designer movers, unspecified Cranium swag, and of course the standard $2000 cash and $500 gift certificate. Submit before December 19th, 2007 for a shot at the prize.

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12 November 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Shirt Monday at Threadless

Threadless‘s winner in the E for All Loves Threadless contest is a great choice: Hero Within by Mikko Walamies (Mikko Terva). The way the linework creates so much texture is neat, and the use of dotted lines is also very effective. Using a gold ink on this one adds a sense of importance to the composition, which is pretty funny for a video game shirt.

My favorite of the week, though, has got to be Fox and Hare by Julia Sonmi Heglund (sonmi). It’s really a masterpiece of line and color, with animals and shapes overlapping to form a new whole. It has the appearance to me of being this insane biological collage, like some crazed (but artistic) genius built this in his underground lab. It’s a ridiculously good shirt, is what I’m saying.

Big Cats by Lawrence Charles Mann (onemannbrand) is a great one-color print. The large image of the tiger is constructed with tons of cat silhouettes, which is a good idea. It pretty much needs the orange shirt to work, though, so I have no idea why it’s been printed on yellow for kids and babies. Kind of an odd choice there.

Get Back to Nature by Simon Massey di Vallazza (francobolli) is another favorite of mine this week. It’s like a coloring book filled in by an acid-addled hippie. Or a relic from some sort of newly primitive future. It’s hard to pin down, which is almost always a mark of greatness. I dig the colors and the raw enthusiasm of the character.

Muzak Homage by Tony Wood (johnny_quest) is a great image, though I feel it lends itself more to a poster or a magazine illustration than to a t-shirt. The focus of the shirt is people alternately bored and rocking out in elevators (which also resemble an equalizer, of course). A great concept, but because of the nature of the t-shirt medium I feel like most viewers will never notice most of this (and, what really kills it for me is that the overall shape of the design is just not very visually appealing at a distance).

Sensory Overload by Ed Pincombe (Edword) has the perfect shirt placement- it kind of cascades across the entire front of the tee. The little teal characters are fantastic, and I like the highlighting of the nervous system and their huge grasping hands. Definitely a cool, unique piece.

Now on to the reprints… Fathom Farewell by Ross Zietz (arzie13) is a shirt that I am hugely biased about, because it is one of the first Threadless shirts I ever owned. Highlights of the design are the strong vertical of the image and the way the water is shown as light blue waves on the boat.

Emotional Trip by Glenn Flanagan-Dutton (artictiger) is a shirt that I just don’t get. It’s really negative (only depression is on time, all happy emotions are either delayed or canceled), and even worse it’s not very interesting looking. The bulk of the shirt is a huge flight information board, and those are just boring and ugly by their basic nature. I’d also like to register some general disappointment at the fact that this was reprinted on the same color it had last time, which is lame. This would work on any color, so I see no benefit to leaving it on burgundy (surely blue would be more thematically appropriate?).

Looking at this week’s shirts as a whole, I’m pretty happy with the selection. I’m glad to see that there was more emphasis on art (Fox and Hare, Get Back to Nature and Sensory Overload) than on talking food and lame puns, which is for me a huge step in the right direction. Hopefully next week will be more like this, too. It’s also nice to see the gold foil in use on Hero Within, which makes me wonder when we’ll start seeing more shirts with special printing techniques in the store.

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