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23 November 2018 ~ 0 Comments

Black Friday T-Shirt Deals

Looking for a good deal on t-shirts this Black Friday? Try these…

Design By Humans: 20% off site-wide

Once Upon A Tee: 10 random shirts for $50

Pop Up Tee: 33% off everything

Qwertee: $5 Insanitees

Redbubble: 20% off

RIPT Apparel: $8 off non-daily graphic tees and more

Shirt.Woot: It’s a Woot-off! New product on sale when the previous deal runs out.

Society6: 30% off everything

TeeFury: 18% off everything available in black

TeePublic: $14 tees and up to 30% off

TeeTurtle: 50% off shirts

TheYetee: All YeteeMart apparel buy one get one 15% off, all pins buy 3 get 1 free, all in-stock vinyl 25% off

Threadless: All black tees $10 and 50% off everything else

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08 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans: Seasonal savings

dbh naughty or nice

Instead of new contest-winning shirts, Design By Humans has been rolling out deals recently. Currently their coupon code NAUGHTYORNICE will get you some nice discounts.

But, since there aren’t any new tees to review, I thought it might be fun to highlight the three DBH Collective stores I’m enjoying the most at the moment instead. Without further ado and in no particular order, here they are:

dbhc stinger

Stinger specializes in bright, cute and often disturbing cartoons. Don’t miss his Disney character parodies!

dbhc againstbound

Againstbound‘s drawings are organic, with a smart, geometric sensibility.

dbhc aliadotony

Aliadotony‘s art uses bright colors and strong shapes definitely stand out, and to me they evoke the same kind of feeling as a great retro poster design.

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01 December 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans Cyber Monday sale

dbh cyber monday 13

Buy any two shirts at Design By Humans and you’ll get to select a free DBH Originals shirt! Offer good through December 2nd.

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23 November 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Black Friday deals at Threadless and Design By Humans

Black Friday is taking over the internet, so it should come as no surprise that both Threadless and Design By Humans have pretty great offers on at the moment:

Threadless boasts $9.99 tees and $29.99 hoodies, but just about everything is marked down at least a bit. Items in the Select line are 40% off, there’s free shipping for orders over $60, and there’s even a bit of a price break on items like socks and mugs.

Design By Humans has a site-wide buy 2, get 1 free sale on, and yes, that seems to include everything- including hoodies and DBH Collective shirts! Just use the code SCOREBIG.

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16 October 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless’s $9.99 sale

Threadless has a big sale on this week that drops most tee prices to just $9.99 and hoodie prices to $29.99. While some items are excluded from the sale (Select designs, officially licensed contest winners, etc), there’s still a ton to choose from at low prices.

This sale is currently scheduled to end at 10am on Friday, so act fast!

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28 May 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Memorial Day Sales

The two biggest names in the tee contest world each have a sale on at the moment:

Threadless offers 25% off with the code MAY25 (ends Tuesday at 10AM).

Design By Humans offers 30% off with the code DBHMEM30 (ends Friday).

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16 May 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless: New this week

First off, it bears mentioning that there’s a nice sale on at Threadless right now! Although the $9.99 sale doesn’t apply to many of the more recent prints, there’s a good selection of reprints and older tees available.

3 Cynics by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov (floatingbastard) is my favorite print of the week, featuring three unique characters who fill the shirt nicely. They’re kind of halfway between cats at Batman, black figures with alert ears whose eyes tell you their story. The thin, cooly suspicious gaze of the fellows on the sides contrast well with the bug-eyed stare of the smaller, middle guy. It makes me buy into the whole scene, because it feels real- of course one confident character would attract this kind of posse, the peewee pretender in orange and the dim bulb with empty eyes in green. One’s chatty, the other’s the enforcer. Their aggression lets the cool cat in blue saunter freely, knowing he’s got back up and can idly watch the fallout. I love any time a simple image seems to give me enough clues to see a whole story, and that is in full effect here.

EGGsplosion by Monica Gifford (myteemo) takes “food with faces” to it’s natural conclusion. If eggs are already sentient beings, then a hatching is of course a horrific, Alien-like event! The emerging chick seems nice enough, but our sympathies are with that cracking shell and his poor, doomed buddy. Somehow the fact that the chick’s hatching hasn’t killed the shell (his eyes are still racked with concern and worry, not cold little X’s) just makes it all creepier. The simple style of the art highlights the joke well, and I’m especially impressed by that subtle blue background. It’s super-lowkey, but does a lot in terms of establishing an environment for the scene.

Nature of Crime by Dewi Herawati (caffeinart) builds a zebra out of yellow crime scene tape. It’s a really clever way of thinking about crime, that the clues left behind form stripes to create an accurate picture of what went on. My favorite moment is the delicate spiral of the legs, a reminder that the whole story is rarely told (plus, honestly, it just looks awesome). Here’s what kind of threw me for a loop, though- why in the world was this design printed on an asphalt shirt? It’s so striking and bold on the black, perfectly suited to creating a feeling of darkness and mystery. The asphalt sucks a lot of that contrast out, and makes the image less powerful as a result.

A Few of My Favorite Things by Reagan Lee (reags) must be catnip for guitar enthusiasts, packing tons of guitar line drawings into one t-shirt. There’s a nice twist in the inclusion of a Guitar Hero controller towards the center, which I think helps make it surprisingly wearable even for people who can’t strum a tune- it opens up the audience to people who like guitars whether or not they can name them or know anything about them. I do feel, though, like the art might benefit from a slight tweak- an extra row of guitars at the bottom. Right now the shape is a bit too squat to fill the length of the shirt well, and I feel like part of the idea is to be overwhelmed by the number of guitars present.

W.T.F? by Blair Sayer (Mr Rocks) certainly lives up to its name. This crazy blue… creature with eyes right out of Dune stares at you with blank, unseeing eyes. He’s been covered with peach bandaids in an attempt to look more natural (like one of those hairless cats I guess), but it somehow just makes him more disturbing. Like an alien ineptly masquerading as a pet. And the fact that it’s bandaids amps things up a bit as well- it raises the possibility that what they’re hiding isn’t just blue skin, but maybe some kind of freakish wound or sickness. It all feels like a cousin to zombie mythology, except with blue cats. It disturbs me a lot, but I think I also like its originality and freshness.

Threadless prints new shirts every week, chosen from the designs submitted by and voted on by site members. Most winners get $2000 cash and $500 in Threadless credit, with the possibility to earn more through Bestee awards, poster prints, and reprints. Artists printed through the Labs DTG program receive 10% of sales for the week their design is sold, and are allowed to keep the full rights to their design work.

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