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10 May 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Full Metal T-Shirt Product Pics

Full Metal T-Shirt is unique to the contest world because they use DTG (Direct to Garment printing) while the rest of the field favors screenprinting. Both have their benefits, but DTG tends to be taken less seriously despite its ability to print high color counts and gradients with ease.

So I was greatly surprised and pleased to find that when I received a shirt from FMT, the quality was top-notch. As you can see in the close up, the texture of the fabric is still visible through the ink- that means that as you brush your hand across it, there is no bulk to the ink. It just feels like a slightly different type of fabric. The print is crisp, clean, and lightweight. Absolutely a rival to traditional screenprinting, and with the ability to print things screenprinting can’t do. Designers would be wise to investigate how they can use DTG to it’s fullest, because this might be what the future of t-shirt design looks like.

And as if the tee wasn’t great enough on it’s own, check out the mountain of extras that arrived with it! Buttons, a sticker, a handwritten note and more- these guys do it up right. Very impressive.

Use the code “compete10” and you’ll save 10% off any order. The tee pictured above is Splash by Dale Edwin Murray.

FMT chooses a new winner weekly, with that designer earning $100 cash, $100 credit, and $5 cash for each shirt or print sold in the first year. For the theme-inspired, they also have a monthly contest with the same prize- for May, the theme is Robots.

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10 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot: Superhero Contest and more

It’s Friday, so the new Shirt.Woot Derby theme has been announced: Superheroes! A bold choice, especially since many feel that last week’s derby was marred by copyright infringement (something a superhero theme will only invite more of). Still, it ought to be fun. I’m a huge geek, so I will probably be buying this week’s winner no matter what it looks like.

There’s also a very cool blog posting up at Shirt.Woot showing the whole process of creating shirts (The cost estimates they show for each piece of equipment are especially fun). Pretty awesome- I’m still shocked that they’re able to get shirts printed so quickly.

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