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14 September 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #8: Blank is the New Pirate

There’s a new Derby on at Shirt.Woot and this week’s theme is “Blank is the New Pirate.” They’re looking for shirts with a new, cool historical archetype that people could replace pirates with. Listed examples include vikings, gauchos, centurions, samurai, Foreign Legionnaires, monks and Cossacks, if that gets your imagination running.

Submit your work before Wednesday at noon. Sooner is better than later, because voting is on-going until Thursday at noon. The top three designs will be printed next weekend, with the winning designers getting $200 (as well as $2 per shirt sold after the first day of sales).

If you’ve got a great design that doesn’t fit the theme, Woot is still interested. E-mail Woot with details of your previous design experience and some samples of your work. If printed, you’ll be picking up $200 per design (and the customary $2 per shirt sold after the first day).

This Shirt.Woot thing must really be taking off, because there are already a couple of new websites built to assist the Derby fanatics. One member has set up a statistics page so that designers can see how voting patterns affected their work (and when they gained or lost votes). Another site, Best Losers, is dedicated to the great designs that didn’t quite have what it takes to win the Derby.

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06 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #7: Visually Sound

The newest Derby theme at Shirt.Woot has been announced: Visually Sound. Basically, they’re just looking for any kind of visual representation of sound. Which seems like a pretty awesome topic to me, though I fear an onslaught of shirts covering in comic book-style sound effects done in MS Paint.

As always, submissions can be made from Friday at noon until Wednesday at noon. Voters will determine the top three shirts, which will be sold over the weekend. Designers who win will earn $200 for the first night of sales and $2 per shirt for every shirt sold after the first day.

Designers with some t-shirt experience can bypass this process entirely if they choose and submit shirts of any theme directly to Woot. Check out the What is Woot link for details.

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30 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #6: Fake Me Out To The Ballgame

The theme has been announced for the next Shirt.Woot Derby: Fake Me Out To The Ballgame. The description is a little odd, so I’m just going to quote the whole thing in the interest of clarity:

“With the NFL, NHL, and college football seasons starting and the baseball pennant races tightening up, September is a helluva time to be a sports fan. But what if your team stinks? What if you don’t like any actual sports? Make up your own. And then show us what you picked up at the imaginary team store. Remember: don’t use somebody else’s logo, don’t submit a two-sided design, and do NOT design a shirt for a Woot-themed team. Otherwise, game on.”

So I guess the theme is pretend and sports? I would guess that imaginary team logos, depictions of non-existent sports and things of that nature would work. I’m tempted to try a logo out…

Submissions for this contest are due between Friday at noon and Wednesday at noon. The top three will be printed and sold over the weekend, earning their creators $200 and an additional $2 per shirt sold after the first day.

The last derby had a number of really nice designs, so I expect this week to be even better.

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26 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby Update: Runners Up to be Printed!

Shirt.Woot‘s Derbies have produced some pretty great shirts, but the best looking designs don’t always win. This was further exaggerated by the fact that Wooters often added and subtracted votes at the last minute (with the goal of causing a tie, leading to a 2 shirts for $10 sale), possibly leading to winners that didn’t reflect the true preference of most voters.

Both of these issues have been corrected by a rules change: as of this week, vote totals for the top four are hidden. And, even better, the top three will all be printed and sold (Friday, Saturday and Sunday at midnight).

And really, this couldn’t have happened at a better time- currently, three of the top four are well-drawn and well-suited to a shirt (which is much better than the competition’s average). As the new voting system attracts new artists, I expect the quality level to rise even higher in future weeks.

As always, derby winners (and those who submit work without entering the derby) will receive $200 for the first day of sales. Every sale after that point will earn the artist an additional $2 per shirt, which is typically a substantial windfall.

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23 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby: Light

It looks like Shirt.Woot is listening to the community- this week, they’ve announced the theme of their next derby a full day before submissions will be accepted.

Shirt designs must involve the theme Light. Additionally, designs must be printed on either Kelly Green, Royal Blue or Red shirts.

As always, the design with the most votes will be printed, earning the designer $200. The designer will also receive $2 per shirt sold after the initial day of sales (this amount is typically several times the original prize).

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17 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby: Maps

Shirt.Woot‘s weekly derby is currently accepting map shirt designs. This week they’re being pretty quick about rejecting designs that don’t fit the theme, so hopefully this week will be controversy-free.

There are a few new rules that potential submitters should be aware of:

1) No designs on black or asphalt tees will be accepted (this is both to prevent monotony and to preserve Shirt.Woot’s remaining stock of those very popular colors).

2) Voters are now allowed to “un-vote” for designs that they no longer like as much.

3) Shirts will only be printed on the front (no more two-sided designs).

The new rules and increased presence of moderators is definitely a step in the right direction, and I think the new crop of designs reflects that. There are already a few promising shirts being scored, and it’s still the first day.

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10 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot: Superhero Contest and more

It’s Friday, so the new Shirt.Woot Derby theme has been announced: Superheroes! A bold choice, especially since many feel that last week’s derby was marred by copyright infringement (something a superhero theme will only invite more of). Still, it ought to be fun. I’m a huge geek, so I will probably be buying this week’s winner no matter what it looks like.

There’s also a very cool blog posting up at Shirt.Woot showing the whole process of creating shirts (The cost estimates they show for each piece of equipment are especially fun). Pretty awesome- I’m still shocked that they’re able to get shirts printed so quickly.

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