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20 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot’s Community Sites

Yes, I just posted about Shirt.Woot two entries ago. But there’s a new community site for Shirt.Woot users that I think merits an immediate mention. Woot user JCBarry has set up a site to track Derby statistics,

This site’s benefits include personal logins and entry tracking, plus a really intuitive (and fast loading!) site design. It also benefits the community by hosting files such as t-shirt templates. More features, such as visitor polls, are planned for the future.

This is the second Derby tracker for the Derby, as Woot member cwarrington has a Derby tracker that has been in use for a few Derbies now. His tracker includes such benefits as entry comments, badges, and stored voting statistics from the last several Derbies.

If this isn’t enough Derby-related fun for you, then head on over to thatrobert’s site, Best Losers, where he takes a look at entries that didn’t win and interviews some of the Derby’s top artists.

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18 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #13: Halloween

Shirt.Woot has announced the theme for this week’s derby and, to the surprise of no one, that theme is Halloween. Start working on your shirt ideas now, because submissions can be entered starting tomorrow at noon (and early shirts have more opportunities to get votes).

Shirt.Woot pays out $250 for any shirt they run that sells 500 copies or less. If you sell more than that, you’ll get $500. And no matter which category your shirt is in, you will get $2 per shirt sold after the first day of sales. The top three voted shirts will be printed next weekend.

And remember, experienced artists and designers can submit shirts of any theme directly to Woot (they receive the same compensation as derby winners).

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12 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby: Night

Shirt.Woot has another Derby underway, this time with the theme of Night. But be careful, they’re rejecting any entries with a Halloween connection (because that is next week’s theme). Designs can be submitted any time before Wednesday at noon, but earlier entries have the advantage because voting is ongoing.

The prize is pretty awesome: The top three shirts (as voted on by Woot members) will be printed, earning their designers $250 for up to 500 shirts sold or $500 for more than that sold on the first day. Designers can also earn $2 per shirt sold after the first day of sales.

Seasoned designers have the option of skipping the derby altogether and submitting their designs (of any theme) directly to Woot. They get the same prize as Derby winners, but submitting this way can be advantageous because the Derby voting process is very erratic.

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04 October 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #11: Cryptozoology


This week’s Derby theme is a doozy: Cryptozoology! Head over to Shirt.Woot and post your best shirt design featuring non-existent animals. Submissions and voting will open up Friday at noon, so start getting your designs ready now- fortune favors the quick.

The prize was upped last week and now stands at $250 for any winner that sells up to 500 units, or $500 for any winner that sells 501 units or more. As always, designers can earn more (in the form of $2 per shirt) when their design sells at the higher $15 price on the days following the first day of sales. As always, the three most popular Derby winners will be printed next weekend, and they’ll all be getting paid as described above.

Designers who are capable of setting up print-ready vector files of their t-shirt designs have the opportunity to bypass the derby and submit shirt designs of any theme directly to Woot. Check out the What is Woot? page for details. If selected, you’ll be getting paid the same $250 or $500 (plus $2 per shirt for shirts sold after the first day of sales) as the Derby winners receive.

If you’re a fan of the Derby, make sure you check out the Derby statistics page and the Derby fan blog Best Losers.

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27 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #9: City Without Words


Shirt.Woot‘s 9th Derby will begin tomorrow at noon, with the theme City Without Words. Woot has a couple of limitations for submissions: no words or letters of any kind can be used, and no previously entered designs can be used.

Here’s how the Derby works: Participants can enter their designs any time from Friday at noon until Wednesday at noon. Early submitters have an advantage, because voting is continuous from Friday at noon until Thursday at noon.

Each week, the top three designs (according to Woot member voting) are printed and sold that weekend. There’s been a substantial prize increase, so winners (and those who submit non-derby work directly to Woot) are now set to receive $250 if their shirt sells up to 500 units or a whopping $500 if their shirt sells 501 or more units. The sum of $2 per shirt remains for all shirts sold after the first day, as well, so designers could be looking at quite a windfall.

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21 September 2007 ~ 5 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #9: Summer Into Fall


The image above is not related to the Derby. It was today’s designer-created shirt on Shirt.Woot, and I love it. Regular t-shirt design competition fans probably recognize the style- it was created by Nicolas Marcon (Monsieur Pimpant), one of the most original and unique artists in the t-shirt contest game. If you’ve seen Pimpant shirts for sale anywhere else, let me know. I love this guy’s style!

Anyway, on to the Derby: The theme is Summer into Fall, and they’re looking for designs that express the changing of the seasons. If you’ve got a shirt concept, submit it before Wednesday at noon. Community members will vote and the top three favorites will be printed next weekend. Winners get $200, plus an additional $2 per shirt ordered after the first day of sales.

As always, professional designers can submit any kind of t-shirt work to Shirt.Woot at any time and bypass the Derby entirely. If printed, they’ll receive $200 and an extra $2 per shirt ordered after the first day.

Derby fans, take note: the Derby blog Best Losers has an interview up with Annie22, a two-time Derby winner. Check it out to learn more about her design process, and to hear the advice she has for Derby entrants.

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14 September 2007 ~ 2 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #8: Blank is the New Pirate

There’s a new Derby on at Shirt.Woot and this week’s theme is “Blank is the New Pirate.” They’re looking for shirts with a new, cool historical archetype that people could replace pirates with. Listed examples include vikings, gauchos, centurions, samurai, Foreign Legionnaires, monks and Cossacks, if that gets your imagination running.

Submit your work before Wednesday at noon. Sooner is better than later, because voting is on-going until Thursday at noon. The top three designs will be printed next weekend, with the winning designers getting $200 (as well as $2 per shirt sold after the first day of sales).

If you’ve got a great design that doesn’t fit the theme, Woot is still interested. E-mail Woot with details of your previous design experience and some samples of your work. If printed, you’ll be picking up $200 per design (and the customary $2 per shirt sold after the first day).

This Shirt.Woot thing must really be taking off, because there are already a couple of new websites built to assist the Derby fanatics. One member has set up a statistics page so that designers can see how voting patterns affected their work (and when they gained or lost votes). Another site, Best Losers, is dedicated to the great designs that didn’t quite have what it takes to win the Derby.

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