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06 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Shirt Monday at Threadless

threadless-stilllifewithvan.gif threadless-nevertakeyourabi.gif

There are definitely some great shirts up this week. I’m most partial to the two shown above, Still Life with a Van (gorgeous colors, nice shape to the art) and Never Take Your Abilities for Granted (awesome concept, creative use of halftones).

There’s a lot of variety in the new offerings, which is nice to see. It ranges from retro (X-Ray Goggles Work) to illustrative (The Young Explorers Society) to off-beat (Bad Reception) to cartoon-y (There’s No Crying in Breakfast) to experimental (The Swirl of the World)… all the bases are covered, and with really well-done work.

But before you think I’m uniformly positive, let’s address the reprints. They’re totally, completely, ridiculously boring. Since the Threadless catalog is packed with classics and brilliant work, it’s kind of shocking to me that those are the two shirts they landed on. They’re both of a quality level that I think would be unlikely to be printed today, which makes me question the wisdom of doing any reprints at all if this is the result.

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01 August 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Mae Loves Threadless


A new contest is up at Threadless: Mae Loves Threadless. The theme is Singularity, and the prize pack is pretty sweet (Xbox 360, Guitar Hero II, an autographed cymbal and more!).

Entries should be submitted before August 31st.

(I admit that I had never heard of Mae until now. So I was amused to learn that the band’s website is Indeed.)

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30 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Shirt Monday at Threadless

threadless-dinnerinthesky.gif threadless-prettyworldinfer.gif

Wow, this is probably my favorite collection of new Threadless shirts ever! The type tee, Nerds 2squared Ever, has a lot more visual style than the typical type tee, which elevates an already cool phrase. Dinner in the Sky and Pretty World Inferno (both pictured above) have great imagery on shirts with great colors. There are also three more conceptual designs available; Human Nature is a well-styled forest fire diagram, See You at the Show is a shirt for an imaginary concert (the illustration is reminiscent of designers Chwast and Glaser), and Hidden displays a flower with insects hidden throughout. And it wouldn’t be Threadless without some off-beat cuteness- Wanted features an abominable snowman painting mustaches on his wanted posters and Marshmallow Factory, a reprint, shows a unicorn pooing marshmallows for an adoring crowd.

In fact, the only one I’m not crazy about is the reprint of Living in Harmony. It’s an interesting enough image I guess, but to me it looks really dull on a shirt. Plus, the subject matter doesn’t really do it for me- there are guitar shirts everywhere, and I expect more from Threadless. I mean, white ink on a black shirt? Again? Get real.

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28 July 2007 ~ 1 Comment

Buy Out-of-Print Threadless Shirts for a Good Cause

If you wear a guy’s size large and you love Threadless, today is your lucky day. Tons of older (and awesome) Threadless shirts have gone up for sale here, and best of all they’re only ten dollars!

It’s a deal that can’t be beat, and by purchasing you’re definitely lending a helping hand- sales of these shirts will help an overseas Threadless fan make the trip to the Autumn Mishmash event in Chicago.

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23 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

New Shirt Monday at Threadless!

threadless-suprise.gif threadless-seesaw2.gif

Threadless‘s new shirt picks for this week are top-notch as usual- and it’s an unusually hefty number of new shirts, to boot! Seven awesome, brand new, never before offered shirts and two perfectly reasonable reprints. My favorites of the new crop are Surprise (it makes excellent use of the shirt color and creates a really neat shape on the tee) and Sea-Saw II (a really fun concept executed impeccably).

And for all the shirt designers out there, just a reminder: The Gmail Loves Threadless and PaRappa the Rapper Loves Threadless competitions are currently accepting entries. They both have a deadline of August 16th, 2007.

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18 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Design By Humans Rock Star Awards


You know, blogging about the t-shirt industry can be kind of a tough gig. You work late at your day job, take a power nap… and suddenly you’re the last one to report on some major t-shirt news.

At any rate, if you didn’t hear about it from Tcritic or Hide Your Arms, then you’ll be pleased to know that Design By Humans has expanded the potential winnings for their t-shirt designers.

According the new winning structure, the Rock Star Awards Program, artists will be able to earn residuals when their designs sell well.

Here’s how the winnings break down:

1,000 total shirts sold
$500 cash award!

2,000 total shirts sold
$1,000 cash award!

3,000 total shirts sold
$1,500 cash award!

5,000 total shirts sold
$2,000 cash award!

10,000 total shirts sold
$5,000 cash award!

It’s hard not to view this as a reaction to the prize increase Threadless made yesterday, but I’m actually of the opinion that DBH would have done this anyway. I think the Threadless change caused them to announce earlier (I’ve been expecting an announcement of something like this after the current $5000 contest ends), but probably nothing else. At any rate, this is certainly great news for t-shirt designers. The more they compete, the more we all win!

And for any potential Design By Humans purchasers, use this code (LWMWD6) to get 15% off your order (expires 08-17-07).

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16 July 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless Alumni Club


Just launched today, the Threadless Alumni Club gives special features to designers whose work has been printed by Threadless. Some of this is material items, such as a membership card (good for discounts on Threadless merch), a medal of honor, a shirt, a mug and a mousepad.

In a more controversial move, the Alumni Club also has its own exclusive blog forum (unreadable to non-Alumni). A lot of long-term members of the site are up in arms about this development, and I have to say I understand where they’re coming from.

Here’s the thing: Threadless has amazing designers, no question about that. But the Threadless community is much more varied than that, including many non-artistic people who contribute to the flavor of the site in other ways. For instance, some people take great product pictures but can’t draw worth a lick. Others start contests in the forums, encouraging creativity that they themselves may not be capable of. Still more submit slogans and offer helpful opinions on designers’ works, able to appreciate great design but not to create it. These are all really valuable roles, and I can see why it hurts some people to see a site that they have dedicated so much time to suddenly appear to say that they’re not important.

The exclusive blog forum, in addition to causing some hurt feelings, is also a bit of a puzzling move to me. Designers create awesome designs, but what does that have to do with blogs? I guess I can see how it might be useful for collaborations, though I don’t see any benefit to keeping that invisible to other users.

I’m all in favor of rewarding talented designers. The blogs just don’t strike me as a particularly well-suited reward. What if, instead, designers were entered in a monthly prize drawing for art materials? What if, periodically, there was a contest just for alumni- perhaps focused on creating more experimental shirt designs?

At any rate, the hubbub over the Alumni Club might be overshadowing some great news- Threadless has increased their prize money! Winning designers will now receive $2,000 cash, a $500 gift certificate (which can be redeemed for another $200 cash) and exclusive membership to the Threadless Alumni Club. Perhaps more importantly, designers whose work is reprinted will now be getting $500 cash each time their work is reprinted. I think that’s an idea everyone can agree on!

Update: For anyone who is interested, you can check out a screen shot of the new alumni forum here.

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