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07 August 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot’s An Ode to Pets derby voting highlights

Shirt.Woot‘s An Ode to Pets derby is chock full of cats and dogs, with a smattering of more unusual pets (both real and imagined). If you’re a fan of animals of any type, there’s a lot to like this week. Here’s a look at two current voting underdogs that I think could use some more attention…

The Same, But Different by LordSedrick won me over with its fresh color palette and excellent use of negative space. Rare to see an orange tee with this much style!

Most Dangerous Gang by mekazoo nails the motorcycle mechanics and gives its kitty protagonist just the right amount of gruffness.

This derby continues through Monday at 8pm. The top three designs (determined by votes and editor input) will earn $1000 cash and $2 per item sold. Additionally, other designs may be selected for future plus sales and sold for $2 per item each.

06 August 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Pampling’s Intergalactic Ramen

Intergalactic Ramen by Alfbocreative combines the internet’s favorite noodle dish with the familiar NASA logo, resulting in a nerd-friendly food design that geeks will find doubly hard to resist. Using the chopsticks laid across the bowl to form the logo’s red angles is an especially nice touch, very on-theme and adding realism to the otherwise more whimsical look of the art. I also love the way little green circles of onion start to feel like constellations of stars, and swirls of broth mimic the planet’s clouds. a bundle of noodles at the bottom ensure that no one misses the reference. It’s solidly made, and a whole lot of fun.

Pampling has multiple prizes available. XPress Prize winners earn 1 euro for each product sold in the presale and XPress sale (with a guaranteed minimum of 500 euros). Shot Prize winners earn 1 euro per product sold (with a guaranteed minimum of 200 euros). Classic Prize winners get 300 euros. All designers are also potentially eligible for the 1000 euro Designer of the Month Prize (selected by the Pampling team taking into consideration sales success, priority, and participation).

05 August 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless: Meowsical and more new this week

The Threadless catalog isn’t showing any new designs this week, so instead I’ll be highlighting a favorite design from recently added Artist Shops pieces.

Meowsical by glitchygorilla shows a vinyl record in a unique way, with a whole bunch of cats interacting with it. Here, instead of a flat object, the disc becomes three dimensional as cats weave their way between the rings. It’s reminiscent of a cat who gets stuck climbing the window blinds, except in this case they’re quite content with their choices. Some cats sleep, others climb, and more than a few seem to be… dripping? I have no idea whether this design is meant to evoke the purring hum of a sultry melody, the cute hooks of good pop songs, or even the inherent curiosity of a serious musician (or music fan). But regardless of intent, there’s a strong sense of fun here, and a unique spin on two popular subjects (music and cats) that don’t combine very often. Good stuff!

Threadless Artist Shops are free to create, and allow artists to set their own prices on products ranging from apparel to accessories and even home decor.

04 August 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot’s Derby Editor’s Choice: Summer FestiviTEES collection

What does summer mean to you? Whether it’s camping, festivals or, uh, staying at home (this year, at least), Shirt.Woot’s Derby Editor’s Choice: Summer FestiviTEES plus sale has your seasonal needs covered. Here’s what caught my eye…

Best of the Bunch: Camp Serenity by Stiluk35 knows that browncoats are still out there, still aiming to misbehave.

Nicest Surprise: Watermelon Pool Party by TaylorRoss1 first impressed me in voting with its jumble of silly cat scenes.

This promotion will only last until 11:59 p.m. on Thursday. So if there’s something you like, grab it fast!

03 August 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Threadless’s Dreamscapes design contest

Getting sleepy? Then get inspired with Threadless‘s new Dreamscapes design competition! Here’s what they’re looking for…

Imagine this: you wake up on a bed that is actually a fluffy pancake, while a human-sized cat recites your favorite Kafka story, the sun swirling in the sky like a pinwheel. You turn around and a cow drives by and gives you a friendly toot toot. You’ve taken a trip to the land of dreams, where everything is melting, floating, or otherwise not anything at all like the reality we typically know. How far can you go down your own rabbit hole? What will you find? Will it stir up delight, leave you pondering the meaning of life itself, or give you the best kind of terrifying wake-up call? Whatever it is, we hope it’s weird and twisted in the best and most creative ways.

Look to ethereal plains, get inspired by the world around you except upside down and inside out, and then close your eyes only to open them in a galaxy on the other side of the universe full of creatures nobody has ever imagined. Sleep as much as you need for inspiration on this challenge.

This contest opens to entries on August 7th, 2020 and ends on August 21st. One winner will earn $500 cash and a $500 Threadless gift code. All designers printed will earn up to $3 per sticker sold (learn more about Threadless artist payments).

01 August 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot Derby #773: An Ode to Pets

Make a tribute to your favorite furry friend with Shirt.Woot‘s latest derby theme…

Starting Monday at 8PM CST: Derby #773: An Ode to Pets

We love ’em. All of ’em. Except cats. Dare I say no cats? No I daren’t.

Show us all the love for all the pets!

No politics, no cream shirts.

This derby begins Monday at 8pm CST and continues through the following Monday at 8pm. Three designs (determined by votes and editor input) will be printed as daily offers on Tuesday through Thursday and earn $1000 and $2 per item sold after the first day of sales. Other designs may be selected for a Plus sale, with each selected design earning $2 per item sold.

31 July 2020 ~ 0 Comments

Shirt.Woot’s NSF… WFH derby voting highlights

Shirt.Woot delved into the wild world of home offices in their NSF… WFH derby, which put a special emphasis on the on awkward or inappropriate events that can happen in taking work into that environment. Here’s a look at two current voting underdogs that I think could use some more attention…

The Work Night Returns by teesgeex is very relatable with its messy, crowded desk.

WFH by walmazan keeps things simple, but its cramped box and stress lines still communicate clearly the feeling of being overwhelmed.

This derby continues through Monday at 8pm. The top three designs (determined by votes and editor input) will earn $1000 cash and $2 per item sold. Additionally, other designs may be selected for future plus sales and sold for $2 per item each.